Download game Fishing Diary free mobile, you must fish and capture many fishes that reside under the sea and keep a record of your fishing exploits in a diary. You can use a variety of ways of fishing like with bait and tackle, cannons, bomb, electric shock and more. You can also capture mermaids and sharks too.

Game fire eaters are attracted cent strongly on mobile game for android with the number of players increased strongly. In the game you will be engaged to explore the ocean colorful, with scenes of stunning ocean floor so vivid as to make you overwhelmed, colorful fishes with all types and sizes.

Game fishing diary fire eaters trend is game for free phone for all phone lines android game genre is extremely attractive, if you or go to the supermarket or the recreation areas must no stranger to title shot this attractive fish, to play a simple but extremely fun game is attracting a large number of players for the game manufacturers DroidHen. Waiting any longer without you ban ca tai game on your mobile phone to become the most coins earned more from Game Shooting Fish.

Catch most lively fishes in the sea, with a wide choice of fishing tackle. A dear diary is there to keep your daily fishing record. Start an exciting fishing trip now!
  • 9 cannons with different power and speed.
  • Throw a bomb to catch all fishes in the area.
  • Drop a piece of bread to bait all small fishes together.
  • Strike an electric shock to stun all fishes in the area.
  • Catch as many fishes as possible to power up your cannon into a laser firer.
  • Mermaids know where the sunken treasure is. Catch them to find out.
  • Bullhead sharks bring luck. Catch them to see how.
  • Fishes migrate in lines and crowds every once in a while. Don't miss out the chance for a good haul.
  • Reward shells every leveling up.
  • Hidden items in bonus stage.
  • Auto online/offline coin regenerate when you are lack of coins.

You try to shoot as many fish to be able to put proceeds, upgrade your guns. 9 guns with different power will help you shoot the fish easier. While shooting fish you can let loose a bomb blind to be able to catch all the fish in a wide range, in addition you can also catch the bait to lure small fish species that you can hardly shoot them, in feeding coin shooter also features electric shocks so you can stun the fish over a period of time you can shoot them easier.

Game Shoot feeding coins have relatively simple graphics and beautiful, taking scenery seabed and simple game play will promise to bring you the most comfortable moments inside your mobile phone. Download shooter feeding on telephone cents to experience the fun of the game offline.

Fish Shooter - Fish Hunter is a shooting game fish quite interesting, fascinating in the hottest game series todayThe task of the player is hunting fishes in ocean, shoot plenty of fishes to obtain plenty of bonuses.Players can also do quests to receive attractive rewards and upgrade weapons system more robust to hunt.Additionally, player can grow fish they hunt for generating money.

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